The 1966 Jaguar XJ13 is a one-off prototype and one of the most beautiful ‘what-ifs’ of the sixties. Once thought of as a potential Le Mans entrant, it was surpassed by the all-conquering Ford GT40 and never raced, despite its immense 502 bhp.

It was however a prototype for Jaguar’s V12 engine which stayed in production for 25 years. The fantastic sixties body was the work of Malcolm Sayer who in the C, D and E Types created some of the most beautiful and successful British cars ever made.

The car was crashed on a photoshoot for the launch of the V12 Series 3 E-Type. It was eventually re-built and is now part of Jaguar’s heritage collection, though (as of September 2012) the museum at the old Browns Lane factory is now closed to the public. The car was part of Jaguar’s display at London Clerkenwell Design Week in May 2012.